About Me

Growing up in a small Cotswold village meant that I was never far from nature. There was a stream that ran along the bottom of our garden, with fields beyond that, in which I used to play, explore and walk our dog.

My Dad was a keen photographer who developed and processed his own black & white film in our blacked out kitchen. Watching him push a piece of paper around in a developer tray, as an image slowly appeared on the paper, was something magical that sparked my life long love affair with photography.

Initially an amateur, I made a mid-life career change, and became a professional photographer. I spent two years studying photography at the Newcastle College of Art & Design before moving to London, to work in the commercial photography world.

Eco Credentials

I've been involved with the environmental industry one way or another since I left school, first working for a company that made air pollution monitors, and later working with clients involved in the industry, or who want to make their operations as sustainable as possible.

I've written about how I run my commercial photography business sustainably which you can read about on my commercial website here.

Whilst all the things mentioned there still apply to running my print gallery, there are other aspects that are specific to this.

The most obvious being that my print gallery is online only, so I have no permanent premises. I do occasionally take part in art fairs and artisans markets, and also a member of Surrey Artists Open Studios, so do open up my home to visitors for some of their events.

Originally I printed my own prints, but this proved to be both uneconomical, and not environmentally sound, so now I use a company called the Printspace, who offer a fully carbon neutral printing service.

I also like to combine creating great images with environmental issues, and you can read about my zero emissions photoshoot on Clean Air Day on my blog.

About The Prints

You have my personal guarantee that each print will be of the highest quality. They are all hand inspected by me personally, prior to shipping, to ensure that they meet my rigorous quality standards.

All the limited edition prints are made using archival quality inkjet papers, with the Giclée prints being printed on a textured matt paper. This means the prints look great and have an expected life time of over 100 years. 

Each limited edition print ships with it's own certificate of authenticity to confirm that it is original and unique. 

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions then send me an email, give me a call on 07711 545813, or if you just want to stay in touch then join my mailing list.



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